Registration on site

You may register on site on Friday August 5th from 4.00 until 6.30 pm and Saturday August 6th from 9.00 am until 4.00 pm

ATTENTION no new registration will be accepted as from 4.00 pm .

You will have to complete a registration form and :

-          If you are licensed, you will have to present  your license. Only the following licenses valid on the day of the race will be  accepted : FFA, FF Triathlon, FFA Affinitaire mention athlétisme, FSCF, FSGT, UFOLEP Athlétisme, UNSS et UGSEL. Competition license issued by a foreign sports federation will consequently not be accepted .

-          If you are not licensed, you will have to provide a medical certificate dated from less than one year prior to the race including the mention «  absence of contraindications for participation in running competition »  ATTENTION  French applicable law requires us to refuse to surrender a bib in the absence of a medical certificate or any other wording.

Registrations on site will take place ( attention the place was changed as from last year  ) at the  Palais des Sports «  Paul Olombel «  the entrance of which is situated  avenue Sanguet  62520 Le Touquet.

Click here to download a map with the localization of the Palais des Sports

An increase of 3€ will be applied if the registration takes place on Saturday August 6, 2016

Once your file is complete, you will receive your race number and an envelope containing the timing chip and a fixing collar.

ADVICE :  Take your precautions if you wish to register on the day of the race. Given the traffic problems, it is advisable to join Le Touquet a few  hours before.  This will allow you to take advantage of our beautiful city while waiting for the departure of the race.