Rules of races

ARTICLE 1 – The races

The 34 th edition of  the “ 10 & Half-marathon of  Le Touquet “ will take place on Saturday 6th, 2016. The races are organized by le Touquet Opale Athlétisme with the support of  Le Touquet  municipality . Two races are organized:

- One race of 10 km FFA ( French Athletics  Federation ) National Label

-  One half-marathon – Departmental Label

ARTICLE 2 – Challenge Ligue  Nord-Pas-de-Calais

The race of 10 km is part of  the challenge Ligue Nord-Pas-de-Calais races off stage and is open only to athletes holders of  a FFA license issued by an athletic  club located in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

ARTICLE 3- Registrations

It is possible to register on line until Tuesday August  2nd,2016 midnight  at the following URL: .

Registration by postal stream: this one should be submitted by Wednesday August 3th, 2016

Final registration and collection of race numbers Friday from 4:00 pm until 6:30 pm or Saturday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm at the Palais des Sports – “ Paul Olombel “


Collection of the race number on presentation of an ID card 

It is highly recommended to join Le Touquet either 2 hours before the race either 2 hours before the end of the registration period due to traffic congestion ( summer period )

A backpack will be given to the first 3.000 finishers.

The management of each registration file implies that no reimbursement will be made  in case of non-participation in the races

ARTICLE 4- Registration modalities

The race of 10 km ( start 7:00 pm ) is open to all athletes licensed or not, born in or before 2000. The race of Half-marathon  ( start 7:00 pm ) is open to all athletes licensed or not, born in  or before 1998. The organization body declines all responsibility for participants not complying those criteria

ARTICLE 5-License/ certificate

The athletes  licensed FFA, FSCF,FSGT,UFOLEP Athlétisme, UNSS, UGSEL will have to provide a copy of their license at the time of the registration . Athletes who are not licensed  will have imperatively to provide a medical certificate  dated from  less than one year before the race and including the mention  “ absence of contraindications for participation in running competitions

ARTICLE 6 - Start / Arrival

Starting time  7:00 pm -Round about of the tennis

Route: The route will be made safe by motorized vehicles. The start of the 10 km and the Half-marathon will be given simultaneously on 7:00 pm.The arrival will take place at the stadium “ Ferdi Petit “

ARTICLE 7 - Security

Refreshment posts will be located roughly at the 5th km and at the finish line.

Security team, doctor, ambulance on site

ARTICLE 8 - Time limit

The half-marathon finish line will officially close at 9:30 pm. Runners who will be overtaken by the car of the end of race will be asked to stop the race for road safety and medical reasons. The race course will indeed re-open to vehicular traffic after passage of said vehicle

ARTICLE 9 - Environment

Preserve the environment:  selective sorting bins will be placed after each refreshment posts. Follow the path near protected sites

ARTICLE 10 - Results

The results will be announced at the stadium Ferdi Petit as from 9 :00 pm and available on the website  :

ARTICLE 11 – Rewards and bonuses

Overall and regional ( LNPCA ) rankings  based on the performance and category. Cumulative bonuses. Click here.

ARTICLE 12 - Lottery

Lottery by drawing race numbers at the end of the awards ceremony for the athletes present. Numerous lots to be won ( VTT, smart box .. )

ARTICLE 13 - Claims

The organizers are entitled to settle any claim, regardless of the nature. Only they may statute in case of a claim concerning the regularity of the race.

ARTICLE 14 - Insurances

The organizers are insured for the civil risks but decline all responsibility in case of an accident due to a bad health, in case of an accident for non-compliance with the traffic rules and with the instructions of the organizers, in case of loss or of theft of object or equipment.

Licensed athletes benefit from guarantees granted by the insurance bound to their license

It is the responsibility of the other participants to seek personal insurance

ARTICLE 15 – Image rights

The organization reserves the right to use the photos and videos taken on the day of the race in order to promote the race and its sponsors. By registration to the race, you give up your right to image

ARTICLE 16 - CNIL – Personal Information

In accordance with the data protection Act of  January 6th, 1978, you have a right  to access and to modify your personal data

We intend to provide your e-mail address to third parties, commercial partners for example. If you don’t want to, please tick the box below.